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Allow us to briefly walk you through our professionally tailored process that would make sure to solve all of your perceivable concerns in these types of transaction.

1. Assessment

How It Works: This is the beginning of your journey with us. Let’s sit down and talk about your situation. Tell us more about your situation so we can find the best solution. We will give you an overview of how our process works.

3. Cash Offer

We give you an offer for your property in cash. Sometimes there is more than one way to fix an issue. Other times, we come up with creative solutions to fix the problem. There is no pressure for you to accept our offer, no time pressure from us. Think about it and accept it if you agree or not, this decision will be up to you.

5. Let’s Talk About It

If you decide to accept our offer, sit down with us and sign all the necessary forms, we will then proceed to pay you in cash. We promise that there will not be any hidden costs or fees that will reduce your take-home cash. We are here to help not to make money out of other people’s grief.

2. In-depth Analysis

Our company will do an in-depth assessment and analysis of your property. We will also come up with other backgrounds and information that may affect its value.

4. The Ball is Now on Your Court

So now you have all the options and the solutions that our company can offer. Satisfied? Need more time? It is all up to you. Again, we do not pressure our clients into accepting offers.

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